Hello, I'm Patrick. I've been designing websites and web applications for over 14 years.

Patrick JohnsonAs an interface and experience designer, I help clients big and small solve problems and succeed. I do this by working closely with them to understand their business to deliver solutions that provide results and value.

I’ve worked on website design and complete rebuilds as well as product designs and redesigns. Where possible I use data to determine the best decision guided by a long history of testing to see what will work best for your customers. I’ve been around the block a few times, I know how to get a good base to build from but I also know that every product or service has a unique customer base and the best way to build the best product is to use A/B testing.

I only work with clients if I can deliver more value to them then they invest in me. Over 80% of my work comes through referrals from clients, which include startups, small businesses, and publicly traded companies.

Marc Gadsdon - In-Tuition

We've worked with Patrick for some years. Any time we have a challenging UX design issue we ask Patrick for help. He has an uncanny ability to cut to the chase and quickly identify what has to happen to make complex interactions understandable and easy to navigate for users.

Marc Gadsdon - In-Tuition